The work doesn’t end for bball coaches

(11:19 a.m.): Chris Goggin enters the Lindner Center in the morning, finds his way to the sixth floor, walks into his office and picks up the phone. Another day at the salt mine. Another day of punching the clock. Another day of trying to get the best game for the cheapest price.

Another day of lying the day away.

All for a good cause, though. When the UC basketball season ends in March, an entirely new season begins for coach Mick Cronin’s staff. A season of catching up on office work. A season of summer camps that allow the coaches to raise money, to teach the fundamentals to kids just happy to be in their presence and to get a first-hand look at a few potential recruits. A season of recruiting around the country. A season that’s not about preparing the team for the present, but a season that’s about preparing the program for the future.

Read the rest here.

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