365 Days of Mike Patton: “Speak Spanish or Die,” Stormtroopers of Death (2020)

As we try to make our way through the coronavirus pandemic, using Zoom to keep in contact with friends and family while maintaining our social distance, Mike Patton is focused on similar ideas.

Faith No More has postponed its shows this summer, and though I’m sure Patton and his bandmates feel badly about that, at least Patton is pouring his aggression out in a positive way: By getting together with some of his buddies virtually and recording something awesomely hardcore.

“Speak Spanish or Die” is the newest version of “Speak English or Die,” recorded in 1985 by Stormtroopers of Death which featured Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and drummer Charlie Benante. The 2020 version includes Patton (who wears a bandanna over his face like a mask), and for the short run of Mr. Bungle reunion shows (which also featured Slayer/Fantomas/Dead Cross Drummer Dave Lombardo and Ian), the band covered the 35-year-old song with a new twist.

Now, it’s officially been recorded in quarantine (with Benante back on drums along with original SOD bassist Dan Lilker).

Recently, Rolling Stone sent Patton an email to ask him about how he was handling the quarantine. He said, “Writing. Writing. Writing. Working on several records at once, which isn’t abnormal for me, but it is somehow refreshing to not have other distractions interfering. However, the gravity of this situation does make things feel … uh, different.”

His inspiration to make new music, however, is still evident. Though Faith No More has had to cancel their tours for this year, at least he (and we) have that.

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