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Josh Sneed, stand-up comedian


Josh Sneed is one of the funniest guys I know. Which is good, because he makes his living as a stand-up comedian. I’m fascinated by the art of comedy, so I was really excited to book Sneed for a chat. In our talk, we discuss the career ambition of a comedian who has a family and doesn’t live on either coast, how he went from working as a systems analyst for Procter & Gamble to starring in his own half-hour special on Comedy Central, and Sneed’s process for writing jokes and bits.

Plus, Sneed tells us the emotional story of his two tryouts for Last Comic Standing and how a conversation with Drew Carey a decade ago continues to inspire him.

Here are a few clips of Sneed on the stage, and here’s the story I ended up writing for Soapbox Media during that trip to Louisville I took with Sneed, Jenny and Jack Sneed.

Interviewed on 12-5-13

Steve Elling, golf/tennis writer, The National newspaper (United Arab Emirates)


When we talked last month, it was late Monday night for me and early Tuesday morning for Steve Elling, and throughout our conversation, the former national golf writer turned ex-pat sports writer in the United Arab Emirates talked about the oddities of his life these days. During our chat, we discuss the culture shock he’s experienced while living in Abu Dhabi, what it’s like to work for a government-owned newspaper, and how he’s had to tighten up his copy now that he’s gone from writing for the Internet back to writing for a newspaper.

Plus, we talk about if he successfully connects with those who read him in the country in which he lives, his relationship with Tiger Woods, and about the reality of the golf writer clique.

Interviewed on 11-17-13

Will Carroll/@injuryexpert, sports medicine writer


The only time I’ve talked to Will Carroll was during a rainy night in Louisville when we were trying to watch a Cuban phenom pitch in the minor leagues. That was three years ago, and since then, Carroll has become this country’s most renowned sports medicine writer. In our chat, we discuss how he found his online niche, why he thinks the HGH soap opera of the last five years is the most overblown sports storyline perhaps ever, and how a reporter who deals in injuries builds up his source list.

Plus, we lament our disappointment in how a baseball Hall of Fame voter could actually sell his or her ballot to Deadspin. “It sickened me,” Carroll said.

And on a lighter note, we talked about how his high school car was a Pontiac Fiero (and how badass I thought that was when I was a 10-year-old kid).

(Interviewed 12-1-13)