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Josh Sneed, stand-up comedian


Josh Sneed is one of the funniest guys I know. Which is good, because he makes his living as a stand-up comedian. I’m fascinated by the art of comedy, so I was really excited to book Sneed for a chat. In our talk, we discuss the career ambition of a comedian who has a family and doesn’t live on either coast, how he went from working as a systems analyst for Procter & Gamble to starring in his own half-hour special on Comedy Central, and Sneed’s process for writing jokes and bits.

Plus, Sneed tells us the emotional story of his two tryouts for Last Comic Standing and how a conversation with Drew Carey a decade ago continues to inspire him.

Here are a few clips of Sneed on the stage, and here’s the story I ended up writing for Soapbox Media during that trip to Louisville I took with Sneed, Jenny and Jack Sneed.

Interviewed on 12-5-13