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Scott Michaux, Augusta Chronicle columnist/golf writer


Scott Michaux is a former Augusta Chronicle colleague of mine, and for my money, he’s one of the best golf writers in the country. He knows so much about golf, and since we’re midway through Masters week with the tournament about to begin, it’s entirely appropriate that we welcome Michaux to the #MTTS podcast.

In our chat, we talk about whether coverage of golf — and the interest in it shown by the public — will noticeably shift when Tiger Woods is done with the game, what it’s like to work for the Augusta Chronicle during Masters week and how a newspaper with a circulation of less than 60,000 per day becomes the paper of record for those seven days, and what it’s like for a sports writer to play the Augusta National course.

Plus, he tells a great story about how he got Tiger Woods one-on-one at a tournament in San Diego in 2006, why Michaux is terrified that Bubba Watson will win the Masters again, and if the fact his boss is a member of Augusta National affects the way he has to write about the tournament.

Interviewed on 3-19-14

Here’s something similar:

Michaux and Steve Elling are good buddies and former golf writing colleagues. Elling, of course, was our guest on Episode 19. Which you can find right here.

Steve Elling, golf/tennis writer, The National newspaper (United Arab Emirates)


When we talked last month, it was late Monday night for me and early Tuesday morning for Steve Elling, and throughout our conversation, the former CBSSports.com national golf writer turned ex-pat sports writer in the United Arab Emirates talked about the oddities of his life these days. During our chat, we discuss the culture shock he’s experienced while living in Abu Dhabi, what it’s like to work for a government-owned newspaper, and how he’s had to tighten up his copy now that he’s gone from writing for the Internet back to writing for a newspaper.

Plus, we talk about if he successfully connects with those who read him in the country in which he lives, his relationship with Tiger Woods, and about the reality of the golf writer clique.

Interviewed on 11-17-13