365 Days of Mike Patton: “Bird’s Eye,” Patton/Serj Tankian (2008)

With the news on Monday that Faith No More will join System of a Down, Korn, Helmet and Russian Circles in a massive concert in Los Angeles this May, it’d be appropriate to take a listen to one of my favorite Patton collaborations—when he teamed up with System of a Down’s singer Serj Tankian for a song that appeared on the “Body of Lies” movie soundtrack.

First, the big news.

Now, let’s rewind back to 2008 when Patton and Tankian worked with composer Marc Streitenfeld to create the song that would play over the films’ ending credits. It’s solid stuff if you like FNM mixed with a little SOAD with some sweeping strings thrown in as Patton and Tankian trade off verses. The tune isn’t overly heavy, but the two voices play off each other quite well.

Or as Wired wrote, “It’s an angular funk nugget with a crunchy coating of rock. In other words, the type of ear candy you can eat while watching a popcorn blockbuster.”

As Tankian said at the time, via Blabbermouth, “Patton is a good friend and always invited to any party I’m in.”

As far as I can tell, the song has never been played live—at least not by Patton or Tankian. I suppose that could happen in May in Los Angeles, but I tend to doubt it. After all, in the pantheon of movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, Body of Lies has to rank near the bottom. Which probably means you’d have to be a huge fan of Patton and/or Tankian to even remember this song.

According to IMDB, the film was only nominated for two awards, but one of those came for Best Original Song from the Satellite Awards. But that was for Gun ‘N Roses’ “If the World” (and that’d be just another reason for Patton to dislike Axl Rose (we’ll get to that some other time)).

Anyway, it’s a fun song to listen to every once in a while, and sometimes, that’s good enough for me. But the best part of this whole story, the one detail that shows the song’s age? As Blabbermouth wrote in its 2008 article, the song was first “available for streaming on Serj’s MySpace page.”

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