Free copies of the book

So, now when somebody asks me if they can have a free copy of Bearcats Rising, I’ll just point them in this direction. Since, you know, I don’t plan to make much money on ringtone sales.

I finished the book index late last night, and in reality, it wasn’t a terrible undertaking. I thought it would be brutal – going through each page and looking for names and events sounds awfully tedious to me – but it was more exciting than I thought (exciting, of course, being a relative term). Plus, I found a couple mistakes we could correct. After all the writing and editing and proofing we’ve done, I still don’t know why there were some mistakes I didn’t catch. For instance, there was a guy who played on the football team in the mid to late 1990s with the last name of Petrus. For some reason, I could have sworn his first name was David. But when I went to triple-check the name in the media guide, I couldn’t find a David Petrus. Instead, I located a Brent Petrus who played during those years. Sure enough, I went to quadruple-check, and yep, the guy’s name was Brent. Not David. How do mistakes like that happen anyway? Good thing, though. We’ve cleaned it all up for the book printing. There will be no mistakes, no typos, no misspellings. It’s going to be perfect.

One response to “Free copies of the book

  1. Does your free book policy apply to relatives?

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