Dow battling to prove himself in Bengals camp 06-27

Finally, finally, finally, my byline has reached the great state of Montana.

I love interviewing offensive linemen, because, for the most part, they’re the most thoughtful, least flashy guys on the team. Chances are: you ask them a question, they’ll give you a better than average quote. While at the University of Georgia, my favorite player to interview was offensive lineman Jonas Jennings – who’s played eight years in the NFL. Didn’t matter if I was asking about the progress of quarterback Quincy Carter or the intricacies of trying to block Florida’s defensive line or about the next day’s weather report, Jennings was always a sheer delight. I could always count on him. The Bengals offensive linemen past and present – Dave Lapham, Willie Anderson, Levi Jones, Bobbie Williams, etc. – are no exception.

Colin Dow – a native of Billings, Montana – was a good talker, thoughtful, kind of funny, all that. But what I really noticed about him while talking to him was his almost lack of confidence. I asked him about it during the interview and I mention it in this story I wrote for the Billings Gazette. In a locker room where confidence is part of the job description, Dow is anything but. Instead, he’s realistic. He realizes he has much to learn, and he realizes that, as an undrafted rookie free agent, he’d better pick up the Bengals offense sooner rather than later. Dow, I imagine, probably won’t make the 52-man active roster, but it was nice to write a story about a guy who really appreciates the opportunity he’s been given. And, of course, it’s always nice to talk to an offensive lineman.

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