Breaking season tix news

(2:09 p.m.): Went to UC on Monday to talk to Mike Waddell, associate athletic director extraordinaire, about football season tickets and how those were selling. In the process, he let slip about a new offer for basketball season tickets that Waddell says you can’t find anywhere else in the Big East.

First, the basketball season tickets news.

I’m sure you know about the Bearcat Lair football season ticket packages the UC administration has put together the past few years, which basically allows fans to grab those North end zone seats for a cheaper-than-normal price (two years ago, season tickets in that area cost $60; this year, it went for $160 (the past three years, by the way, those 1,750 Bearcat Lair seats have sold out, including the 2009 campaign)).

Well, the Bearcats are using the same brand name for 5/3 Arena. Basically, UC will put on sale a block of the seats in the upper level (non-seat backs) and price it at $150 for the 18-game schedule. To Waddell, the deal – which works out to $8.33 a seat per game – is a no-brainer.

To read the rest, click right here.

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