Why can’t I find this music?

I used to listen to an Internet radio show where the host – a fairly well-known bass player who continues to play and tour with various bands – would throw out songs by artists I’d never heard before. Some were beautiful. Some were horrible. Most of the new songs I heard didn’t do much for me one way or the other. A precious few hit me right in the heart of my ear drum.

Of course, the host played more mainstream music – some Zeppelin, some Beatles, some Clash, some Afghan Whigs, some Pixies.

But there were two songs that came out of nowhere that I really dug. I’ve sought out the songs occasionally during the past year to listen, but I can’t seem to find a place to download them. They’re not on iTunes, they’re not available for purchase on Myspace, they’re not seen on Imeem. They’re not really anywhere that you can buy.

They are Jeff Klein’s “Bury It Low” (which is actually performed by My Jerusalem, a band in which Klein plays) and Martyn LeNoble’s “Closer” (one of the more beautiful songs I’ve heard lately). All I want to do is download the songs (legally) so I can rip them onto a blank CD or just listen to them on my iPod.

But for some reason, that’s impossible right now. And that seems insane.

Don’t we live in a time where we can get anything we want, whenever we want? Isn’t the Internet supposed to give us whatever we need? Yes? Then why can’t I download the damn songs that I want. Why can’t I pay my 99 cents and listen to the music when I’m sweeping the floor or writing a game story? Why is it so got-damn difficult?

It’s frustrating, you know?

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