This is what my time is worth

Got a text tonight from a colleague, and he told me to switch on the local PBS station immediately. A copy of Bearcats Rising was up for auction – an auction run by UC – and the opening bid was for $9. Greg Harrell and Brad Wurthman gave it the hard sell. Said it was a literary masterpiece. Said I was a whale of a writer. They talked about my shoe collection. They talked about my beard. They talked about how awesome I am.*

*The first four statements they made about me and my book are definitely true. I might have made up that final part of the paragraph.

The auction lasted for 2 minutes, and though I listened hard for a ringing phone, I never heard anything. It started at $9 and ended at $9. Took me a year and a half to write. Couldn’t get a $10 bid.

Tough business, eh?

2 responses to “This is what my time is worth

  1. wish i had seen it. hell, i paid $22.50

  2. And I appreciate every last penny.

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