Dayn Perry, baseball writer

Sports writer Dayn Perry. Photo by Andrew Collings. December 18, 2009.

Dayn Perry is one of my favorite scribes, because his writing harkens back to a time when those ink-stained wretches rode the rails and stashed their bottles of gin inside the desk drawer, screaming “COPY” and “STOP THE PRESSES” whenever it needed to be bellowed.

In our chat, we discuss why his florid-style of writing is so unique, how he got to be a special consultant with the San Diego Padres, and why baseball is such a beautiful sport to write — and to have written — about. Plus, we chat about how perhaps the Roger Maris/Mickey Mantle home run chase in 1961 led to a shift in the way scribes covered baseball (and the way readers think about it) and why author Robert A. Caro is a five-tool writer.

When talking about Perry’s style of writing, here are a few of my favorite examples:

Look at these baseball cards that I just bought; just look at them

Hey look, a bullpen phone

Drinking with Boileryard Clarke

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