Dan Rafael, ESPN.com boxing writer


I read ESPN.com’s Dan Rafael all the time, and if you follow boxing in the slightest, I’m sure you do the same. Rafael is at all the big fights, conducts epic chats that have gone as long as the common work day and breaks a tremendous amount of news. In our talk, we discuss the media coverage that boxing gets these days (hint: it doesn’t get nearly the mainstream coverage it once did, but it’s probably easier to find boxing news than ever before) and how he created his own world (not unlike T.J. Simers) with his ESPN.com boxing chats. We also hit on how he goes about trying to “own” his beat, and whether he has misgivings about making his living writing about men who hit each other in the head.

Plus, we talk about the time we briefly shared space in a hotel suite in Louisville with Mike Tyson — one of the most surreal moments of my sports writing career and one of my most favorite stories of all time.

Interviewed on 12-19-13

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