Sam Monson, Pro Football Focus


Pro Football Focus is one of my favorite (and most important) NFL-related websites, mostly because of the way it measures and rates football players and because, well, it just makes you feel smarter. And though Monson, a senior analyst for the website, and I have been Twitter friends for about four years, this is the first time we’ve had an in-depth conversation.

In our chat, we talk about how NFL teams have begun hiring PFF in order to glean all of its information and why organizations don’t just do that work themselves, what’s a typical weekend like for a PFF analyst when he’s breaking down NFL games and how he does his job, and if coach’s film really makes a difference in the way the site works these games.

Plus, we recount Monson’s continued career as a defensive back in an Irish football league and how he got started on his NFL fandom.

Interviewed on 3-7-14

Here’s something similar:

One of the most interesting things Monson said was that his belief is that football isn’t rocket science. Which is essentially the same thing’s Greg Bedard said in Episode 4. Which you can find right here.

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