Our Favorite Stories

We’re trying something a little different on the podcast this week. Instead of one guest for an hour, I talked to four guests and asked them the same five questions. 1) Who is your favorite person/manager/coach to have covered? 2) Who is your least favorite? 3) What’s your favorite story/moment from the road/from the beat? 4) Who’s your favorite current writer, sports or otherwise? 5) Who’s your all-time favorite writer, sports or otherwise?

I gathered some buddies — the Augusta Chronicle’s Scott Michaux, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans, ESPN.com’s Travis Haney and the Washington Times’ Marc Lancaster — and basically, we just told stories.

Michaux (originally interviewed for Episode No. 33) tells the story about how Alice Cooper once stole his golf ball. Rosecrans (originally interviewed for Episode No. 1), who was sitting through a rain delay at the time of our second interview, talks about how helpful and sympathetic Ken Griffey Jr. was when Rosecrans’ mom was diagnosed with cancer. Haney reminisces about a long-ago steak dinner with Bobby Cox and why that was so important to him. And Lancaster remembers a particularly brutal road trip to Philadelphia.

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