Mark Sheldon,, Cincinnati Reds reporter


Last week, Mark Sheldon was the most famous sports writer in the land. Mostly because San Francisco Giants infielder Pablo Sandoval’s foul ball destroyed Sheldon’s computer (the photo above was screen-shot about 20 seconds after the destruction) while local TV produced a video on Sheldon’s reaction that quickly went viral.

You can see the video right here.

And here.

But Sheldon, who I’ve known since last decade, is a good sport, and he agreed to talk about some of the most infamous moments of his career. In our chat, we discuss what the hell happened in that moment and why it came at such a bad time, how he still managed to write and send in his final game story of the night, and what kind of reaction he received in the aftermath.

Plus, we talk about what he thought about two-time MTTS guest C. Trent Rosecrans jubilantly taking photos of the destruction in the seconds after the ball entered the press box and if Sheldon ever talked with Sandoval about the incident. Also, whatever happened to that foul ball of destiny.

Interviewed on 6-6-14

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