365 Days of Mike Patton: YouTube vocal coach reaction (2019)

I’ve discovered a few vocal coaches who react to other singers on YouTube, and I quite enjoy watching them dissect and analyze live performances from musicians of all genres. Earlier this week, the Rebecca Vocal Coach channel (with more than 400,000 subscribers) watched and commented on Faith No More’s “Midlife Crisis” performance from The Tonight Show in 1993.

Naturally, she took a close look at Mike Patton to watch who she called “a fascinating creature.”

Just a few seconds into the song, she said she was drawn in by his attitude and, I don’t know, his essence.

“Straight away, I was blown away by the rhythmic, the beat, that pulse that you need inside your body when you sing,” she said.

She also called him a “great manipulator” of the larynx, and she certainly appreciated his contrast in vocal styles in the song, going from a clean sound to plenty of distortion. She also called him a spider, because she doesn’t know where he’s going to go in the song. Then, she called him a wildebeest.

Rebecca seemed blown away by the performance though there are plenty of other Faith No more songs that show off Patton’s vocal range and skills. Apparently, another one of the YouTube vocal coaches I watch, Beth Roars, is also going to create a video on Patton. I’m interested to hear what she has to say as well.

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