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365 Days of Mike Patton: “Motherfucker,” Faith No More (2015)

I saw Hamilton the other night. It was stunning, one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen live. The lyrics and the singing and the choreography and the ending—and the pre-performance and post-performance buzz in the theater—it was just an incredible three hours to watch professionals ply their craft.

Naturally, one moment reminded me of Faith No More.

In the days leading up to the performance, I listened to the first two songs on the Hamilton soundtrack. I had never heard any of the music from the show, and I figured I should immerse myself into at least a couple of tunes just so I could get my bearings before I entered the theater.

And the first song of the show, Alexander Hamilton, reminded me of Faith No More’s “Motherfucker.” Listen for that early piano work and the building tempo in both songs. For a few seconds, it sounds the same.

Here’s “Alexander Hamilton.”

And here’s “Motherfucker.”

So, kind of similar, right? Anyway, when I saw Faith No More in 2015, this is the song that opened the show. And though it’s not the quick-paced banger FNM started their shows on previous tours I saw (“Digging the Grave” on the King For a Day tour and “Collision” on the Album of the Year tour), it was actually a great way to start a concert.

The tension between the two vocalists, that haunting piano, the drummer boy beat. And then, the explosion. Here’s how I experienced it in Austin.

Just like Hamilton, it still gives me chills.

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