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Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of Outsports.com


Cyd Zeigler and Outsports.com have made it their mission lately to record as many coming-out stories as they possibly can. And with Jason Collins and Michael Sam and a college baseball player and a college tennis player announcing recently that they’re gay, Outsports.com and Zeigler have had plenty to write about lately.

In our podcast chat, we talk about how so many gay athletes are coming forward and how that might be helping to cause a paradigm shift throughout the nation, why straight people think about Outsports.com as a gay website while gay people think about Outsports.com as a sports website, and what it was like to be around Sam in the hours before he announced he was gay.

Plus, I tell him my own personal tale about covering the Michael Sam press conference at the NFL combine and about how I had to amend my own story because I was worried about a double entendre.

And by the way, regarding our banter about Cyd’s name and how it sounds like he should have been working as an L.A. Times sports writer in the 1950s, here’s who I was talking about: Sid Ziff.

Interviewed on 2-26-14