Can you identify this man?

UPDATE (Feb. 20; 11:27 a.m. CT): The guy on the right has been confirmed as Keith Lincoln by Keith Lincoln himself. Still not exactly sure of the year, but the best guess is probably the AFL All-Star game after the 1965 season. Thanks to everybody for playing along.


The man on the left is Sid Gillman, the subject of my latest book. I have no idea about the guy on the right. Does anybody know him? This picture comes from the Gillman era in Houston — so, we’re talking 1973 or 1974. If you get me the right answer, I’ll put you in the acknowledgments section of the book when it comes out this summer and I’ll praise you for the rest of eternity.

So, in a word, help.

9 responses to “Can you identify this man?

  1. Uh, wrong that. Maybe he’s # 32?

  2. The problem might be that the uniform the guy is wearing might be from an All-Star game or from the Pro Bowl. Were those the Oilers regular uniforms?

  3. The guy’s hair style looks older than 1973-74. Gilman’s binder says “All Star” on it. Gilman coached the AFL All-Star games in 1961 and 1965. The 1965 All-Star game was played at Rice Stadium in Houston.

  4. Keith Lincoln

  5. Hmm. I guess it could be Keith Lincoln in 1965. Since I got the picture from the Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers, I guess that sort of makes sense.

  6. Keith Lincoln, Chargers, half back 1966 AFL All-Star team

  7. Hey Steve and Allen (and the other Steve, if the second Steve is different than the first Steve), shoot me an e-mail at Assuming Lincoln confirms that it’s him – and it really does seem like it is – I’ll add your names to my acknowledgments list in the book. Thanks guys.

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