Farewell Peyton Manning

With the news that the Colts most likely will release quarterback Peyton Manning, an Indianapolis era is over. Manning was the one who led the moribund franchise into a perennial Super Bowl contender. He’s the one that led the Colts to the world title. He’s the one who helped convince the NFL to place Super Bowl XLVI in Lucas Oil Stadium. Hell, Manning is one of the main reasons Lucas Oil Stadium was erected in the first place.

So, it’ll be a sad day when the Colts say goodbye to one of the top players in NFL history.

And it’s a sad day for the reporters who covered him, as Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz put it on Twitter. “It was a joy and a privilege to watch and cover Peyton Manning. Always a class act, went out of his way to accommodate us. … One example: After nite games, PM would talk to us right away, usually in full pads, knowing we were on deadline and in a rush. Appreciated.”

I know what Kravitz means, because it was Manning 14 years ago who saved me from what could have been one of the most embarrassing moments of my young career.

Read the rest of my CBSSports.com column here.

One response to “Farewell Peyton Manning

  1. It used to be when I traveled and someone asked where I was from and I told them Indianapolis, they would say, ” Oh, the Indianapolis 500!” But for the past 10 years when I would say I was from Indianapolis, the response I would almost always receive was , “Oh, Peyton Manning!” No matter what team in the NFL someone claimed as their team, everyone held Peyton in the highest regard. He will forever be ingrained in this city and in the hearts of all the fans here who thank him for bringing his talent,passion and class to our city. We were blessed to have him and wish him every success in the final chapter of his career.

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