Burger Mary, BBQ writer/social media maven


For the first time, we interview our subject live and in person, and we had the ideal guest – the talented Burger Mary (AKA Jess Pryles). She’s Australian, she’s a social media maven and she blogs about BBQ (and from personal experience, she can cut a mean slice of brisket). This week, we talk about why an Australian heavy metal VJ fell in love with the romanticism of the American South, particularly New Orleans and Austin.

Plus, we ruminate on how she got entangled in the BBQ scene in the U.S. (and what the food scene is like in Australia), why she’s always gravitated toward the so-called male-dominated fields, and how to eat healthy while ingesting beef ribs and BBQ sauce. Plus, I get to tell my Roger Federer/salad dressing story.

Here’s some of what we talked about (and some of what we didn’t).


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