Chris Kluwe: Book author/NFL punter


It’s a big week for the Mightier Than the Sword podcast and Chris Kluwe. We booked our first professional athlete for MTTS to talk with us about his writing skills, and for Kluwe, he made history as the first person ever to speak on this podcast after appearing on Conan AND the Ellen how. Really, it’s a big week for everybody involved.

This week, Kluwe and I talked about how he’s adjusting to life as an in-season NFL free agent, how his profanity is so beautifully written, and why he uses that graphic approach to draw attention to his underlying point. Plus, Kluwe theorizes on the idea of “truth,” why he bothers dealing with Internet hate and how he would change the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting process.

Warning: the language in this podcast is more explicit than normal.

Since we talk about this piece quite a bit in the podcast, here was Kluwe’s letter to Maryland state delegate Emmett C. Burns.

Also, here’s his piece for on his punting battle with Marquette King.

Here was some of what we talked about (and some of what we didn’t).


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