Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette/Guardian columnist/MSNBC contributor


Ana Marie Cox, a founding editor at Wonkette who’s now a political columnist at The Guardian, is probably the biggest journalism star we’ve had on the podcast. To celebrate, we divided this episode into two parts. In part one this week, we talk about the pen that’s tattooed on her forearm and what it means to her, why television punditry is a strange business, and how she went from to becoming one of the biggest political reporting stars in this country.

Plus, we discuss the infamous Washingtonienne story, how Cox as Wonkette handled it, and how she had become powerful enough as a journalist to have the access to land a story like that.

Interviewed on 1-21-14

2 responses to “Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette/Guardian columnist/MSNBC contributor

  1. I’ve been watching Ana Marie since she followed the McCain campaign in ’08. What a tiger. I do miss that smart short haircut she used to have; brought out the sculpture of her face.

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