Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette/Guardian columnist/MSNBC contributor, part II


We continue our conversation with Ana Marie Cox, a founding editor at Wonkette who’s now a political columnist at The Guardian, in the second-part of this two-part episode (check out the first part here). In this edition, we talk about whether she had to maintain the persona she originally brought to Wonkette once she moved on from the website, if and when male and female journalists will ever be on equal ground when it comes to how readers view them in social media, and how the divisiveness in sports compares to the divisiveness in politics.

Plus, we talk about whether covering politics is akin to covering pro wrestling, and just how in the hell does Cox have more than 1.3 million Twitter followers?

Interviewed on 1-21-14

A quick note:
The audio isn’t so good in the first couple minutes of the podcast. Stay with me, it gets better.

Another quick note:
This was recorded before former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam announced that he’s gay.

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