Laura Kaye, romance novelist


For the first time in MTTS history, we’ve got a romance novelist on the line. And what an interesting interview with Kaye, whose website is available for perusal. In our chat, we talk about how she generates so much damn content (22 completed books since 2011 with a goal of 3,000 written words a day), how a traumatic brain injury gave her a strong creative urge and changed her entire career path, and how an independent author has to worry about being seen by her original fans as “selling out.”

Plus, we talk about why the romance novel industry continues to sell plenty of hard copies of its books, and (perhaps most importantly) we talk about how she approaches writing a sex scene (no “purple-headed warriors” or “throbbing members” stuff here).

Interviewed on 12-10-14

Here’s something similar:

One of my college buddies, Colleen Oakley, published her latest novel, Before I Go, on Tuesday. It’s getting great reviews, and you can buy a copy right here. We also had her on Episode 6 of the MTTS.

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