Kavitha Davidson, Bloomberg sports columnist


In our second podcast of 2015, we’re back to exploring the journey that female sports writers and broadcasters have to face on Twitter. Coming off the controversy a couple months back in Chicago when two radio personalities publicly discussed a TV sports reporter’s body, we’re talking to Kavitha Davidson, sports columnist for Bloomberg who writes plenty of controversial stories that lead to plenty of unwanted responses on Twitter. During our chat, we talk about whether she questions why she continues to write despite a backlash she knows she’ll face on just about everything she writes, what she believes rape culture to be, and how exhausting it is to cover the never-ending domestic violence issues in sports.

We also talk about whether, because of Mo’ne Davis and Ronda Rousey, we’re entering the era of badass female athletes and whether that could help change the culture.

Interviewed on 3-30-15

I actually ended up writing a story for the Daily Dot about the experiences shared by Davidson and other women in sports media.

Here’s something similar:

We reference Jessica Luther a few times on this episode and because I also wrote a story for the Daily Dot that included Davidson and Luther, here’s my chat with the latter in Episode 45.

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