365 Days of Mike Patton: YouTube vocal coach reaction, part 2 (2019)

I enjoy watching vocal coaches on YouTube analyze professional singers’ live performances. I enjoy Beth Roars’ channel the most. And of course, as this 365 Days project should hint, I enjoy Mike Patton’s wide music range as well.

This is the second time I’ve analyzed the analyzers (on Day 46, I wrote about this vocal coach’s reaction to a live version of “Midlife Crisis”), and in this case, Roars looks at a variety of Patton songs (because his style is so varied, that’s absolutely the correct approach, although she only listens to his studio recordings).

Roars admits she doesn’t know much of Patton’s work, so she’s obviously in for a treat.

The first two songs she hears are “Get Out” and “Evidence,” which are separated by only one song on the King For a Day album, and her eyes widen at the different vocal styles. Then, she hears “Cuckoo for Caca,” also on King For a Day, and she exclaims with a laugh, “I can’t believe how different it is.”

Throughout her video, Roars marvels at his voice control and his full vocal cord closure. She admits that she’s blown away by his performances.

“It’s like I’m listening to a different person in each clip,” she said.

Yep, and it’s always fun to see somebody experience Patton for the first time—especially if it’s a vocal coach who can truly appreciate his talent.

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